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Gain Long and Look Toward Shu

Jan 10th, 2012

得陇望蜀 — Dé Lǒng Wàng Shǔ

Share|Gain Long (Gansu) and Look Toward Shu (Sichuan) To be offered an inch and take a mile, to have insatiable desire At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Mang Wang, a relative of the ruling family, seized the throne. One of the royal family, Liu Xuan, and his kinsman, Liu Xiu, joined forces and [...]

statue of Ma Yuan

Dec 29th, 2011

老当益壮 — Lǎo Dāng Yì Zhuàng

Share|Bear Age Advantage Robust When people are old, their resolve should be even stronger When the famous Eastern Han Dynasty general Ma Yuan was young he was very ambitious; he only ever thought about battles, campaigns, and achieving his goals. Since his father and his elder brother died young and left him to care for [...]