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statue of Yin Jifu

Jun 28th, 2012

明哲保身 — Míng Zhé Băo Shēn

Share|A Wise Man Looks After Himself Smart and well-informed people know enough to avoid dangerous situations and preserve themselves. During the Eastern Zhou dynasty, the officials Zhong Shanfu and Yin Jifu wholeheartedly supported Emperor Xuan. The leadership allowed the country to grow increasingly rich and strong. Zhong Shanfu was extremely experienced and was not afraid [...]

Gain Long and Look Toward Shu

Jan 10th, 2012

得陇望蜀 — Dé Lǒng Wàng Shǔ

Share|Gain Long (Gansu) and Look Toward Shu (Sichuan) To be offered an inch and take a mile, to have insatiable desire At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Mang Wang, a relative of the ruling family, seized the throne. One of the royal family, Liu Xuan, and his kinsman, Liu Xiu, joined forces and [...]

Nov 16th, 2011

乐不思蜀 — Lè Bù Sī Shǔ

Share|Happy Do Not Think of Shu To indulge and forget to return home or to forget where you came from. In 223 AD, the King of Shu Liu Bei died and his son Liu Shan acceded to the throne. At first, Liu Shan relied on the assistance of Prime Minister Zhu Geliang and other ministers [...]